Nature House ST1 Trio Sparrow Trap
Nature House ST1 Trio Sparrow Trap

Nature House ST1 Trio Sparrow Trap

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Block pesky intruders from taking over your purple martin houses when the rightful owners are gone for the season using the Nature House Sparrow Trap. This is a gentle action, live trap that contains English (house) sparrows rather than harms them. Set the two trap doors and bait the compartments with fresh bread, cracked corn, or nesting material. A sparrow’s weight triggers the spring and the door snaps down, capturing the bird. Ensnared birds then enter the holding cage through the one way door, leaving you free to reset the trap and keep one bird incarcerated to serve as a decoy for the next day. Remember that it is illegal to trap North American birds. Use the included hardware to mount the Sparrow Trap to a post, or leave it on the ground and let it work there. Systematic use of this trap will help you control your sparrow problem and clear the way for martins to move back home. Made in the U.S.A.


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