Niban Fine Granular Insect Bait (1lb)
Niban Fine Granular Insect Bait (1lb)

Niban Fine Granular Insect Bait (1lb)

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DESCRIPTION: Niban FG is a weather / moisture resistant Boric Acid based interior / exterior bait labeled for Ants (argentine, carpenter, thief, little black ants, pavement, odorous house, and pharoah), Cockroaches, Crickets and Silverfish. This product comes in a convenient applicator bottle with a dusting tip. 1 lb.USE: Apply indoors and outdoors. For outdoors: apply where ants forage or in a 2-4 foot band around your home. Can be applied on lawns and in gardens. Indoors: Spread in attics, cellars, crawl spaces, cracks and crevices. Be careful of children and pets. 1 cup treats approx. 90 sq.ft. DO NOT apply residual insecticides or sprays near baits as it will deter pests from taking the bait. Always read the label!What is Niban Granular Bait and Niban-FGThey are granulated baits containing five percent boric acid as the active ingredient and a combination of both protein and carbohydrate attractants.What insects will Niban Granular Bait and Niban-FG control?They are labeled for the control of cockroaches, crickets, silverfish, and ants, including carpenter ants.Does either bait have an odor?There is no detectible pesticide odor. The only odor is that of the food based attractant.Will Niban irritate skin?No.What is the difference between Niban Granular Bait and Niban-FG?Both products consist of the same formulation but have one significant difference. Niban Granular Bait contains only coarse particles; excellent for outdoor broadcast and perimeter applications. Niban-FG is made up of very small particles which allows it to be used in any type of dusting equipment. Niban-FG is excellent for indoor crack and crevice treatments.ALWAYS READ THE LABEL BEFORE USE!


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