Pantry Moth Trap - One

Pantry Moth Trap – One

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Do you have an infestation of pantry moths? This pantry moth trap is easy to use, non-toxic, and effective. It works through special moth pheromones that attract the male moths and thus disrupt the mating process. Unlike other pantry moth traps we’ve tried, the triangular shape of this trap means you don’t have to witness the moths getting stuck to the trap every time you open your pantry door! To use, take the pantry moth trap out of the plastic sleeve, fold it into a triangular trap and place in infested area. That’s it! The pantry moth trap can be hung or can be placed on a shelf. Change out as needed, or up to every two months. Only one trap per room is needed at a time.Each package contains one trap. If you order more than one, they will come packaged in groups of two.


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