Pest-Stop Window Fly Stickers (4-Pack)
Pest-Stop Window Fly Stickers (4-Pack)Pest-Stop Window Fly Stickers (4-Pack)

Pest-Stop Window Fly Stickers (4-Pack)

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Procter Pest-Stop window fly stickers harness the attraction that flies have to any light-emitting source and turn it into their worst nightmare. They are designed so that when flies and other airborne insects fly towards outside light and brush up against the window pane, they become stuck the minute that they come into contact with the stickers.Procter Pest-Stop window fly stickers are an inexpensive but effective form of pest control and, in order to make them more discreet, feature a decorative floral design. This attractive element means that the stickers look more like an accessory on the window rather than a pest control item, so that they can be placed in windows in a variety of locations. Just like traditional fly papers, the secret to these inoffensive-looking stickers is the powerful adhesive coating their outward-facing surface. This adhesive is strong enough to hold up to the biggest of house flies and bluebottles. In addition, each of the stickers has a surface area that is large enough to capture flies for three months.Procter Pest-Stop window fly stickers are manufactured by Procter Brothers Ltd, a UK company that has been helping its customers become pest-free for more than 100 years.These Pest-Stop window fly-catchers exploit the attraction flies have for windows and light. Simply remove the cover paper and apply to window. With a sunflower design, the stickers are attractive yet practical. Their powerful adhesive will hold even the largest house flies or bluebottles. They are safe, with no chemicals or odours.


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