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PestNoMore Rodent Zapper – Electronic Rat Trap

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PestNoMore Rodent Zapper – Next-Generation Electronic Rat Trap Kills Rodents of all sizes. From all types of Rats and Mice to Squirrels, Chipmunks, Voles and Chipmunks.High Voltage triple shock technology. Power with 4 ‘D’ size batteries or use the included mains adapter for unlimited kills. Alarm sound and light to let you know of successful kill. Additionally, you can use the light extension wire when placement of the trap in hard-to-see places. Easy 3 Step Rodent Control. No-See, No-Touch, No Mess BAIT- Place small bait (nuts or dry pet food) at the very back of the trap. Position the trap against a wall where your rodents will find it. WAIT- Rodent will enter the trap and trigger a high voltage electric shock. Instant. clean, humane killing.ELIMINATE- Turn the power off and simply empty the rodent body into the trash for a hygienic and safe, no-touch, no-see disposal. Bye bye pest Special features unique to the PestNoMore Rodent Zapper include–Advanced 2016 design and evolved electronics for better performance and safety.-Largest entrance of electronic rat traps (meaning largest rodents can enter)- A sounding alarm notification of a rat visit.-The Rodent Zapper splits into two sections for easy and safe cleaning (other rat traps can be hard to clean making them less effective)- On/off switch – for ultimate safety.-Triple shock high voltage. (Similar electronic rat traps only give one shock) some rodents have ability to start their heart again and escape. These 3 separate continuous shocks prevents this.- Highest quality non-magnetic stainless metal (no rust) shock plates. For professional and home use. Suitable for indoor areas: attics, garages, basements, kitchens, living and dining rooms, shops, warehouses, offices, restaurants, hotels, etc. Includes Free Mains adapter and Notification LED Wire. Full instructions and support included.



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