Pro-Ketch Repeating Mouse Trap 1 Trap 713052

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For serious mouse problems you can’t go wrong with the PRO-KETCH Repeating Mouse Trap. The PRO-KETCH Mouse Trap is a live-catch trap that is easy to use, catches up to 30 mice at a time, and requires no setting. Simply place the trap along a wall where mice like to travel and it is ready to go. Inquisitive mice will enter these repeating mouse traps, triggering a lever that will trap them in a holding area inside. They can get in, but there is no way out until you release them. Dimensions: 10.25′ x 6.25′ x 1.75′. Pro Ketch repeating mouse trap…Holds up to 20 mice. This mouse trap can be baited or left along a run…it will still catch mice! Can be reused many, many times! You can use as a live trap or put a glue board or poison in it…also, you don’t have to worry about secondary poisoning This is the best traps for warehouses, commercial facilities, garages, and residential structures. These types of repeating mouse traps are not available in stores…only to the professional pest control market



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