Protecta Sidekick Rat Bait Stations- 2 Traps

Protecta Sidekick Rat Bait Stations- 2 Traps

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PROTECTA Sidekick is an economical way to upgrade from using non-tamper-resistant mouse bait stations to the security and high quality of tamper-resistance. It locks when closed and unlocks with Bell’s two-prong PROTECTA key. Easy-to-use Sidekick opens to the side for fast, convenient servicing, even when the station is secured. Its interior corners are rounded for easy cleaning, and a built-in card slot holds the PROTECTA service card. Sidekick measures 9 1/2′ x 8 3/4′ with a height of 4 1/2′ (approx. 241mm x 222mm x 114mm), ideal for fitting into tight baiting locations. Yet, Sidekick can hold up to two pounds or almost 1 kg of bait (not inlcuded). Restrictions: Only 1 key per 6 stations will be shipped, please contact us directly if you would like additional stations at an additional charge


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