Provoke Professional Rat Attractant 8 oz BELL-1055

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Developed by the same experts at Bell who created the highly successful PROVOKE Professional Mouse Attractant, this new rat attractant is a food-based gel that acts as the ultimate rat bait and entices rats to rat traps. It is formulated to meet the unique behavioral characteristics of rats, particularly their sense of smell. ‘Unlike mice that are driven by taste, rats respond more to scent,’ noted Peter Martin, Bell’s Technical Director. ‘The new PROVOKE rat attractant contains a unique blend of scents that Norway and roof rats find irresistible. . This non-toxic, hypoallergenic attractant gives PMPs an edge in any account but it is especially suited for sensitive accounts where food allergies are a concern. It can be used with confidence in schools, food production plants and other accounts where rat lures, such as peanut butter, are prohibited.



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