Pyrocide 300 Pyrethrin Fogging Solution 1 Case (4 Gallons)

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Pyrocide dual-synergized fogging concentrates provide both flushing action and quick knockdown of a wide range of pests. Pyrocide 300 is made exclusively with MGK Premium Pyrethrins refined in the USA. Pyrocide 300 contains 3% pyrethrum and is comparable to ULD® BP-300. Labeled for use in food and non-food areas of food processing facilities, restaurants, stored food areas, and other commercial locations. Breaks down quickly in sunlight leaving no residue. Always read and follow instuctions and safety warnings before using this product. Jarrod’s Pest Control Supplies is an independent distributor of pest control products. We do not warranty or guarantee any products as that is solely the responsibility of the manufacturer. It is impossible for us to know every licensing requirement, restriction and product registration for every state, city, village, province etc. It is the responsibility of purchaser and end user to provide proper licensing, permits and registrations required by state or local authorities to purchase any of our products.. Pyrocide 300 Pyrethrin Fogging Solution 1 Case (4 Gallons). Pyrocide 300 Pyrethrin Fogging Solution 1 Case (4 Gallons). Pyrocide



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