Rat Zapper Classic RZC001

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Wish you could get rid of rats and mice with no mess, no hassles… not even a need to see the dead mouse or rat? Stop wishing! Meet the rat and mouse trap that can do the job! Not an ultrasonic device. Simply bait with ordinary pet food. No poisons to endanger your pets or the environment. Mice and rats enter the chamber and are dispatched humanely with a quick but powerful jolt of electricity. The red light tells you when you have a catch. No blood, no gore, no mess! You don’t even need to look at the rodent; simply tip the Rat Zapper and let the dead rodent slide out. More humane than traditional snap mouse traps or glue boards 100% customer satisfaction – guaranteed. Great for use in homes, ranches, business and commercial applications. Approximately 20 kills with 4-AA Duracell Alkaline batteries. About 30 kills with Energizer Lithium batteries. Dimensions: approximately 4′ x 4′ X 10′.



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