Rid-Max Fly Trap
Rid-Max Fly TrapRid-Max Fly TrapRid-Max Fly Trap

Rid-Max Fly Trap

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Product Description

This device made from recycled materials to be re-usable, portable, effective, and environmentally safe. The Rid-Max Fly Trap is placed over a suitable bait or fly attracting matter. Flies are attracted to the bait placed under the trap. Insects which are lured by the bait, instinctively travel upward and into the coned area. They then crawl through the opening at the top of the cone, and are trapped in the ‘holding area’ of the trap. The mesh walls of the Rid-Max Fly Trap serve many important purposes which include: • solar dehydration of trapped insects alleviating the wet, smelly mess associated with liquid insect traps • to enhance the trapping abilities of this product. pheromones–natural scents which insects emit for communication and breeding purposes. The pheromones serve as an attractant enticing more flies into the trap. Flies are instinctively lured to feeding and buzzing activity produced by other flies. Just the frenzied activity in the trap of a few flies will attract more, and the trapping cycle continues. Trapped flies will dehydrate in approximately one day. Once desiccated, the insects are virtually weightless and odorless, take up little room in trash, and are biodegradable. It is not necessary to empty the Rid-Max Fly Trap until the level of dehydrated insects are approximately half way up the height of cone area. If desired, insects which are still buzzing can be sprayed with a harmless soapy water solution before removal. To empty the Rid-Max Fly Trap, the inner cone can be easily and quickly removed. Disposal of dried insects is a simple matter of emptying into a trash bag. Some customers use the live or dehydrated insects to feed their reptiles, amphibians, birds, or fish.


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