RoundUp Promax 1.67 Gallon Jug
RoundUp Promax 1.67 Gallon Jug

RoundUp Promax 1.67 Gallon Jug

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Roundup Promax penetrates weed leaf surfaces faster, giving you confidence. NEW Roundup Pro MAX is a herbicide that penetrates the leaves and moves to the roots of weeds faster so that in can provide weed control, with virtually no regrowth. When you spray Roundup on a weed, it is absorbed by the plant, where it then prevents the plant from making its own food and gathering nutrients to sustain itself. Roundup is then transported throughout the weed to kill the entire weed, roots and all! Therefore, dead weeds can’t regrow. Once in the soil, Roundup breaks down over time into natural materials and will not move in the ground to affect nearby, untreated plants. It is a post-emergent, systemic product with no soil residual activity. Roundup Pro Concentrate gives a broad spectrum control of many annual weeds, perennial weeds, woody brush and trees.


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