Scarecrow – Deter Crows Decoy and Bird Repellent

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The VisualScare Feather Crow is a realistic crow replica designed to deter crows and birds from entering any area. Proven effective for generations, the VisualScare Feather Crow still remains a very popular choice for farmers and gardeners. Product Features – Simple and direct concept – Generations of proven results – Durable – Use season after season – Effective against crows and other birds – Satisfaction guaranteed Additional Information The VisualScare Feather Crow began with a simple and direct concept. Farmers from around the world having been using this method for centuries. They hanged dead crow replicas to prevent any bird types from stealing their crops. This concept have evolved over the centuries. It is extremely effective against crows or other birds that may damage your property, whether it’s a farm or garden, home, or yard. It even works well at garbage transfer stations. You can hang it two different ways: 1. Upside down (Effective against crows and ravens) 2. Right side up (Effective against pigeons, doves, sparrows) Hung upside down, crows and ravens will be easily convinced that it’s a dead bird signalling danger. They will stay away from that area. Smaller birds will be deterred by the Feather Crow when it’s hung right side up. To them, it’s a frightening predator. Great Bird Repellent for: – Campsites – Businesses – Gardens/Yards – Decks and Patios About Aspectek Aspectek is a North American inventor and original manufacturer of various categories of electronic and pest control products for over 25 years.. Scarecrow – Deter Crows Decoy and Bird Repellent. Scarecrow – Deter Crows Decoy and Bird Repellent. Aspectek



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