Snap Mouse Traps – 6 pack by Killer Green

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6 Pack of Mouse traps. These re-usable mouse traps are perfect for catching mice and rats. Just set the trap with the easy snap back system. Dont worry about getting your fingers caught with this esay, washbable mouse catching system. Product Description Quick response for a clean kill Preformed bait cup Sensitive mechanism Safe, effective and easy to use Washable, allowing you to reuse them Durable plastic and steel construction, can be reused for years of service. Instructions Identify an area that has signs of mouse activity in your home. Bait the traps with peanut butter, nuts or cheese. Do not fill bate well up to the top on trap. Set the traps and leave them until the mouse is caught. Once the mouse is caught, dump it in the trash, wash the trap and reload it to use it again. Technical specs Dimensions: 10.5/4”x5/2”x6/2.4”



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