Sound Defense K9 Warning Device

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The Sound Defense K9 Warning Device offers patent pending technology in a hand held product of high impact plastic that emits a very loud, audible signal specifically designed for a dog; sound focuses in on a dog’s sensitive hearing range. The K9 Warning Device includes a pocket clip; its accessories include the Bicycle Attachment, so riders can keep the K9 Warning Device on their bike at all times and a Utility Holster. The K9 Warning Device is designed to help cyclists, walkers and runners/joggers keep a safe distance from aggressive dogs. L shaped housing offers cyclists the ability to point the device at the approaching dog while keeping eyes on the road ahead. It contains no liquid so there is no over spray/blowback to worry about, no propellant is used; is fully audible and loud, draws attention to the situation; can be used from a distance, it does not require the close contact necessary with physical threats; does not require precise aim offering a wide ‘beam angle’; does not harm the dog when used as instructed; the pocket clip is implanted in the battery cover for long term use and can be placed on either side, it is weather resistant, durable and holds up to rough handling. Normal use time is 2-15 seconds allowing numerous uses per battery, low battery indicator light included. 9 Volt battery included. Manufacturer guarantees that product is free from defects in workmanship and materials for 10 years after date of purchase, please see instructions for details.. Sound Defense K9 Warning Device. Sound Defense K9 Warning Device. Sound Defense



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