Sticky Bear 747GT Fly Light Fly Trap
Sticky Bear 747GT Fly Light Fly Trap

Sticky Bear 747GT Fly Light Fly Trap

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The Sticky Bear Fly Light fly trap is the largest and most powerful in Gilberts lineup of outstanding fly glue traps. Flies go crazy for the 2 powerful Osram Sylvania F40/350BL (40 watt) lamps. The removable tray holds large or standard glue cards and the trap can utilize up to 4 glue cards at once. Clips behind the lamps hold 2 glue boards and the remaining two can be used in the tray. The Sticky Bear is wall mounted using keyhole slots in the back. For best results place the trap low on walls, 5 feet or less. Usually, Approximately 3 feet from the ground is the most effective height keeps the unit easy to maintain. The spring locked tray is secure yet easy to service glueboards. The nickel chrome grill swings upwards for cleaning and lamp replacement. The frame and interior structure are aluminized steel for strength and the exterior is beautifully finished in anodized aluminum. Dimensions: 53 1/8’L x 13 1/8’H x 5 5/8’W


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