Sticky Tiger 219GT Professional Fly Trap
Sticky Tiger 219GT Professional Fly Trap

Sticky Tiger 219GT Professional Fly Trap

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The 219GT Sticky Tiger from Gilbert Industries outcatches competitors as a wall-mount or portable. Features silent operation and capture and double-glueboard capacity at a low, stunless price. Uses two standard Osram Sylvania F20/350BL. (20 watt) lamps. All insect lights lose UV strength over time. Even though the light is lit does not necessarily mean it is working to peak capacity. Replace bulbs annually. Unit can be wall mounted or used free standing. The convenient handle provides ease in maneuvering and placement. Installation: Wall-mounted with keyhole slots or used as free-standing portable (handle & mar-resistant feet included). Low positioning almost always yields best results for any ILT against flies. Glue board technology means no exploding bug parts like from traditional bug zappers. Low notice-ability profile; Insects are captured discreetly and unit is silent when in operation. Spring locked tray conceals glue board, is secure and easy to service. Can use 2 glue boards at once to double the catch rate. Frame and interior structure are aluminized steel for strength. Beautifully finished in anodized aluminum with (double nickel-chromed) guard. Glue board size is 21-7/8′ L x 4-7/8 W’


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