Tengard SFR One-Shot Liquid Termiticide Insecticide

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1 QT Synthetic Permethrin by Tengard SFR Liquid Termiticide Insecticide is the same as the product ‘Dragnet’ or ‘Permethrin Pro’. Synthetic Permethrin is a residual insecticide, odorless, active ingredient: permethrin 36.80% Permethrin by Tenguard is a termite-turf ornamental insecicide. Permethrin insecticide is labeled for subterreanean termite control, pre treatments, post construction treatments, foam applications. Permethrin Termite Spray is labeled outdoors for: ants, aphids, japenese beetles, bagworms,caterpillars, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, scorpions,wasps,ticks,ground beetles, termites, sod webworms,lawn and turf. One qt. of Permethrin by Tenguard yields 20 gallons of termite spray at the rate of 1.6 fl.oz. per gallon. 40 gallons of general insect control spray indoors at the rate of .8 fl. oz. per gallon, and up to 96 gallons of general outdoor insect control spray at the rate of 1/3 rd of a fluid ounce per gallon. Permethrin by Tenquard can be used for a variety of insect pest problems. Permethrin by Tenquard can not be sold in the following states: Not for sale in CT. NY. MASS, OR VT.. Tengard SFR One-Shot Liquid Termiticide Insecticide. Tengard SFR One-Shot Liquid Termiticide Insecticide. United Phosphorus Inc



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