TERRO T1812 Outdoor Liquid Ant Killer Bait Stakes – 8 Count (0.25 oz each)

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Kills all common household ants. Pre-filled and ready to use. Protecting your home from sweet-eating ants is a piece of cake thanks to these ingenious outdoor ant killer stakes. The Terro outdoor liquid ant bait stakes feature eight durable stakes per box filled with 2 ounces of our highly effective ant bait enough to control most outdoor ant invasions. For long-term control of argentine, ghost, little black, acrobat, pavement, odorous house, crazy, cornfield and other sweet-eating ants, simply place the Terro outdoor liquid ant bait stakes in areas where ants have been observed. 8 Pack Quickly attracts and ultimately kills all common household ants Stakes come pre-filled and ready-to-use Liquid bait provides ants with a food and water source Slow kill allows for effective elimination Tiered bait pack increases bait consumption, reduces waste See-through window enables easy monitoring of ant bait level Reinforced stake ridges provide increased strength when placed in ground Snap off bait activation keeps ant bait solution fresh until opened Rugged, weatherproof stake casing protects against elements. Kill The Ants That You See, and The Hundreds That You Dont: When you first place the ant killer stakes in the ground, youre going to see a significant surge in the number of ants. Dont worry, this is perfectly normal and a sure sign the ant bait is working. You see, our clever team of researchers formulated the ant bait stales to attract ants like flies to honey. They also formulated it to slowly kill the ants. This slow kill gives the ants adequate time to return to their nest and deliver a deadly dose of bait to the hundreds of ants hiding out in the colony. Additional Info: As worker ants forage for food and water, they are immediately attracted to the sweet liquid ant bait housed in the ant stakes. As the ants consume the bait, it begins to deliver a toxic reaction to their nervous systems, which ulti



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