The Don 601T Commercial Fly Light Fly Trap
The Don 601T Commercial Fly Light Fly Trap

The Don 601T Commercial Fly Light Fly Trap

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The Don has consistenly been the best selling, most used, industrial fly trap for decades. Using the pre-drilled keyholes on the back, the Don can be mounted in corners or flat on a wall and offers a wide angle of attraction that really draws the flies in. This unit is intended to be mounted at or below 5 feet for maximum effectiveness. Studies have shown that low mounting of UV insect light traps attracts the most flies. 80 watts of UV power is supplied by (2) Sylvania F40/350BL insect lamps. The large killing grid instantly electrocutes any insects that come into contact with it. The interior frame and structure of the Don is made of aluminized steel (the same superior steel used in lifetime auto mufflers). The guard door is nickel chrome plated and swings open to allow access for easy cleaning and bulb replacement. An interlock switch automatically shuts the unit down when the access door is opened. The insect catch tray is secure but opens easily for emptying. Dimensions: 54 3/16’H x 16’W x 4 3/4’D


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