Twin Sized Bed Bug Trap
Twin Sized Bed Bug Trap

Twin Sized Bed Bug Trap

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This trap is a patent pending invention. It is similar to a CO2 bed bug trap, but its size is a bed compared to other small-dish sized traps. Its inacessible bait is sleeping people instead of CO2 container. It immediately stops bites, easily kills 100% bed bugs, revolutionizes methods of bed bug traps, and confidently guarantees success. Exterminators never had a chance to get rid of 100% bed bugs so easily. How to easily kill 100% bed bugs? All bed bug know where you are when you are sleeping because they can detect CO2 source within a meter. Experiment results show that bed bug can never hide for more than 2 weeks without food. Those hungry bugs will continously searching for food attracted by your CO2. They approach to your bed every night and consume their energy quickly. Finally, all bed bugs will starve within couple of weeks because they can not reach you, no matter where they hide. Why does it revolutionize bed bug traps? It is very difficult to perform ‘kill on contact’ using chemicals or steam when bed bugs hide behind walls or inside laptop. One may not know, a bed bug may lay up to 300 eggs after sucking your blood. One may also not know that their bed bug trap often ends in with an endless cycles of killing bugs and feeding bugs. Our product revolutionizes a technique to destroy this circle by attracting 100% bed bugs to continously seek your CO2 and die in energy losing quickly because they can not bite you. How to confidently guarantee success? You can try to sleep in a bathtub when bed bugs bite you. By only one night, you will find no bed bug bites. Our bed sized bed bug trap has similar functions of blocking bed bugs as a bathtub. Why exterminators never succeed? Most sticky tapes are not sticky enough. Tapes for trapping flies leave residual on skin if you touch it. Our product only allows bed bugs to touch the sticky boundary, while people can’t.


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