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Vector Plasma 1083 Fly Light (Screened)
Vector Plasma 1083 Fly Light (Screened)

Vector Plasma 1083 Fly Light (Screened)

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A professional light trap that utilizes two powerful 36-watt UV lights and one glue board for attracting and killing nuisance flies. It is one of the brightest fly lights on the market with one of the fastest catch rates. Comes in a grill model or screened model. The grill model allows for easy inspection of the fly glue board, while the screened model hides the glue boards from view in more sensitive accounts. Replacement bulbs and glue boards are available. Includes 3 year manufacturer warranty (excluding bulbs and glue). Measures 21′ x 2.5′ x 12.5′ and weighs 6 lbs. Can be mounted on walls horizontally, vertically, or on a table top. Each flylight comes with a light bulb(s) and one glue board(s) already installed.


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