Vectortrap Plastic Mouse Snap Trap - 4 pack (B-108X4)
Vectortrap Plastic Mouse Snap Trap - 4 pack (B-108X4)

Vectortrap Plastic Mouse Snap Trap – 4 pack (B-108X4)

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Each trap is easy and safe to set compared to traditional wooden traps and can be set by hand or foot. When the trap is properly set, the red label faces upward to indicate it’s ready to go. This makes it incredibly simple to set multiple traps and reduces false alarms. Made of durable plastic, these traps are smaller than multi catch traps for discreet placement underneath urniture and other tight spaces and are fully reusable. The original wood-based wire snap trap, the Vectortrap Mouse Trap provides instant rodent control and is safe for household use. This trap allows for clean and quick trapping – ideal for maximum rodent control. Once a rodent triggers the metal petal, the trap immediately springs closed to eliminate the pest on contact. It can then be easily disposed of for quick and clean removal. The traps require no chemicals or poisons, so they are an ideal mouse control device for use around food, water, children and pets.


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