Victor Rat Traps M200 - 9 Traps
Victor Rat Traps M200 - 9 Traps

Victor Rat Traps M200 – 9 Traps

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Victor Rat Trap M200 are made with FSC certified wood. The original wood-based wire snap trap with the metal bait pedal. Place sticky bait (i.d. peanut butter) inside the curl found at the end of the bait pedal. Place the traps perpendicular to the wall, so that the trigger end is towards the wall on a hard surface. The key in trap is to place them in an area with a lot of activity, areas where you see a lot of droppings, urine stains, rub marks, etc. No matter which trap you use make sure you have as many as possible out, making the traps seem like part of the atmosphere will bring lots of good results. One the tricks you could try is to make rodents friendly with these traps, placing unset traps out for about a week with bait on it then setting the trap later will increase your opportunities. Suggestion is not to have it on surfaces that may have machinery that vibrates for this could set off the trap. Also please do becareful when using around children or pest the snap is very strong and could break a finger.


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