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VivaTrap! Peach Tree Borer Moth Trap and Long Life Lure (2 Pack, 8 Week )

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The peach Tree Borer adult is one of many clear wing borers that can attack your valuable fruit and ornamental trees. Damage is caused when moth larvae tunnel into roots and trunk, infestations usually occur 1-2 feet above ground or 2-3 inches below ground. Our combination lure uses a mixture of pheromones that attract ten different moth pests common in the garden or landscape, including: Peach Tree Western & Eastern, Lilac, Rhododendron, Sycamore, Douglas-Fir, Banded Ash, Oak, Large Red-Belted, and Sequoia Moth Borers. The trap has a strong adhesive surface to retain captured borers, they cannot escape once contact is made. Long life lures last for for 8 weeks.



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