WCS Coontroller
WCS Coontroller

WCS Coontroller

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Product Description

The CoontrollerTM is the best and sturdiest one-way door for raccoons and similar sized animals.  This exclusion device has a unique cam locking door to prevent the dexterous raccoon from lifting the door from the outside. Thanks to the two-door cam locking system, the outside door automatically locks so the animal can’t open the door once it is out of the structure. The animal will walk through both doors and once the second door comes down the first door is positioned in a fashion that will lock the second, making it impossible for the animal to lift the door and return to its young or nest. Galvanized sheet metal lines every side of the opening and extends 5′ over the device. The inside door is covered and protected from any tampering once the animal has walked back into the wild.


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