Window Fly Trap
Window Fly Trap

Window Fly Trap

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Use these non-toxic, long lasting and disposable sticky fly traps to keep flies down — without poisons or noxious sprays. The Window Fly Traps catch 30% more than competing brands, are easier to use, and far, far more attractive in homes. Flies are naturally attracted to windows in homes, especially cluster flies. The flies then reach a sticky end on the Window Fly Trap. Glue trap is easy to handle, stays sticky weeks and weeks longer than old fly ribbons. Attractive pattern hides insects as they are caught on the trap. Effective against house flies, cluster flies, garbage flies and blow flies. Removes cleanly from window when full of flies. Simple, effective and easy to use. Traps can also be used on tile, metals, wooden surfaces or walls where flies accumulate. Safe for use in food-handling and food storage areas. Replace traps when full or after two months. Dispose of old traps with regular garbage. In case of contact, remove glue with vegetable oil.


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