XLure F.I.T. Fabric Insect Clothes Moth and Beetle Traps Box of 5 Traps & Lure Cartridges

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The Xlure Fabric Insect Moth and Beetle Traps contains four (4) powerful pheromones formulated specifically for monitoring and capture of the following fabric insects, Webbing Clothes Moth (Tineola Bisselliella) the Common Clothes Moth, Casemaking Clothes Moth (Tinea pellionella), Black Carpet Beetle (Attagenus unicolor) and the Varied Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus verbasci). All of these pest can cause serious damaged to carpets, furs, upholstery, wool and woolen fabrics, leather, silk and other fine fabrics. When activated, the trap works by releasing pheromones which are airborne molecules that trigger a certain response in the insects. The pheromones attract males before they have a chance to mate with the females thus reducing the overall population. The pheromones are released at a steady rate over a 6-8 week period. Male moths enter by keyholes on the upper surface of the trap, while the beetle species crawl up the trap’s rough surface which replicates the crack-like harborages they prefer. Moths and beetles land in the layer of glue that lines the bottom of the cartridge and die. Please check regularly. Each Fabric Insect Traps Kit – contains 5 plastic traps and 5 lure cartridges



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