ZYK.WH Cockroach Trap — — Security Environmental Protection, Reusable, Quickly Captured Cockroaches

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ZYK . WH cockroach trap is the latest research of the cockroach trap . Delicate appearance, mechanism design is clever, material thickness, the cockroach trap and firm, let the cockroaches have nowhere to go . Cockroach trap beauty and cheap items, reusable, use ZYK. WH cockroach trap save money, also can let the bullying cockroach disappeared, use ZYK. WH cockroach traps allows you to use at ease, with fun . ZYK . WH cockroach trap is your best choice. Cockroach catching manual: 1, First open safety helmet , and then open the upper lid, finally separate the middle layer and bottom layer. 2, Bait (cake, bread, cookies, sugar, sesame seeds, etc.) into the middle layer and bottom layer , and then the bottom layer , middle layer , upper lid, the safety cap is installed, and finally check whether the three aluminum doors have been closed 3, 3-5 days if no catch cockroaches, replace the bait and the local placement. 4, the cockroaches in water drowned, or exposure to the sun basked in ten minutes Warm prompt: 1, such as catch one, two can not rush to deal with, cockroaches like to live in groups, the issue of signal, will trap more cockroaches. 2, cockroach trap is not placed in the activities of the ants, because it is afraid of ants. 3, before the cockroach unprocessed die, please don’t take them from the upper lid and safety helmet , prevent cockroaches to escape



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